Monday, September 5, 2016

Top 10 Alternatives to Voting Clinton or Trump

How can we describe this year's presidential race? More Americans are dismayed with the candidates than are excited about them. Looking back, four years ago either one might have seemed a viable candidate that people could be excited about. Ah, if we didn't know now, what we didn't know then. Anyway...just a little election humor, Dave Letterman-style/SNL-style, in a year where we really, really, really need it.

Top 10 alternatives to voting for Clinton or Trump:

10) Let's go with the winner of Dancing with the Stars.

9) Try the underdog and eeny-meeny-miney-moe it on the independent candidates.

8) Ever seen Kid President? Yeah, we may be able to have more confidence in him.

7) Chewbacca Mom.

6) Is Ross Perot still alive?

5) How about a job sharing situation? Trump on M, W, F. and Clinton on T, Th, Sa. Whoever screws up the least that week fills in on Sunday.

4) Give Big Bird a chance.

3) Let's write in Bill Murray.

2) Vote for Pedro. Or Napoleon. Or Kip. Or Uncle Rico. Maybe even Tina the Llama.

1) Joe Madden for President.

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