Monday, July 1, 2013

How did it get to be July already?

Wow. It's July. July! Really? JULY!!!!! That means the kids have been out of school for a full month. That means that in about 6 more weeks they'll be back in the classrooms. That means that this week the store shelves will already be filled with school supplies. Yet, it feels like summer has barely gotten underway.

Why do I always feel each summer like I'm racing to get so many things packed in. I don't enjoy it like I should. I wanted to spend this summer doing just that....not worry about getting so much packed in and relaxing more. Now that I look at my bucket list for the summer, I realize that I have packed a lot in so far.

We've already been to the beach several times, we did the drive in movies, had a picnic in the park, went to UPick farms twice, went to a couple ball games, tried out a new ice cream spot, went to the pool, went to a parade, went to a local fest, took some road trips, watched fireworks, went out to eat alone for our anniversary, flew kites, watched some sunsets and more. And it's not even the 4th of July. My summer bucket list has 42 items. Last year's goal was to get through half of it.

Right now we have accomplished more than half. I'm at 24 right now and some of the items have been repeated. So, now that I look at it that way, if I don't do a single thing the rest of the summer, the goal has already been met. I will definitely plan more, but now I'm not feeling the pressure as much.

My updated summer bucket list is below. Not that you care about what's on it...this is just how I keep track. :)

And here's what I'm putting down for this year (and I'm off to an okay start):

Visit at least one beach  XX
Visit a farm XX
Drive in movie X
Visit a new ice cream spot X
Find a new park to visit X
Go to a MLB baseball game  X
Go to a minor league game  X
Go to a farmer's market
Go to a cruise night
Camp overnight
Go to state or county fair
Visit a pool  X
Visit a carnival  X
Visit a water park
Visit an amusement park
Visit a zoo
Go to a parade  X
Watch fireworks  X
Go kite flying  X
See a new movie X
Berry picking X
Go to a concert
Have some festival food  X
Take a road trip  X
Have lunch at a new restaurant  X
Visit a local festival  X
Go fishing
Visit a nature center
Do a hike
Go to a UPick fruit or veggies/pick something new X
See a movie in the park
Do a family bike ride
Watch the sunset over the beach  X
Watch the sun set over a farm  X
Take a day trip into Chicago with family
Visit another state  XX
Go to a museum
Picnic in a park X
Make smores in the back yard
Backyard campout in a tent
Catch lightning bugs
One adults only outing (casino, nightclub or overnight getaway) X

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