Saturday, March 30, 2013

Step away from the computer

I have to make a confession. I spend way too much time on my computer. And I try to break the habit, but I really don't try hard enough. I still spend too much time on the computer. And it's hit me lately how much I am missing by doing so. Often I 'm doing work. But sometimes I'm doing pointless stuff -- watching a corny video or reading about celebrities and their kids or scanning other people's Facebook pictures or trying to clear out e-mails (by re-reading a bunch and deleting 50 only to find 60 new ones in the inbox when I'm done.)

None of this is earth-shattering information that I need. If I don't click on a link or don't delete some old e-mails, it's not really going to affect my life. But spending so much time in front of the screen is affecting my life. I need to wean myself off of the need to check e-mails several times a day and never feel like I'm caught up. My kids are in front of their own screen and I need to step away from mine and sit with them and laugh together over reruns of "Drake and Josh" or "iCarly." Instead of throwing a meal into the crockpot so I have more time to spend on the computer, I need to spend more time in the kitchen with them. They are growing so quickly and time is slipping away and I'm never going to say down the line that I wish I'd spent more time on the computer. I'm going to say that I wished that I didn't. So, I need to make that wish come true.

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