Friday, February 22, 2013

Taking time when you don't have the time

I so don't have time to be blogging right now. But sometimes when things are at their craziest, that's when you most need to just stop and forget everything for a few minutes. At least that's what I've learned. When I think I don't have a moment to spare...that's really when I need to drop everything and go to lunch with a friend or watch a silly comedy or have a cup of tea and watch some senseless You Tube video. Or sometimes I need to blog and just get everything off my chest. After a little break, I feel so much better and like I have a better handle on things.

My week has been one of running and running and's included taking kids to music lessons, confirmation class, sport sign-ups, doing interviews for work (including a really enjoyable, lengthy, in-person one with a World War II vet -- those always are kind of a slap in the face to count your blessings), doing more shopping than I'm used to, typing up loose ends and attending meetings for upcoming events and programs and meetings, getting ready for a science fair, baking cakes for a Cub Scout dinner (which has an outer space them and has me searching for edible accessories to assemble a replica of our solar system -- the things we do for our kids! LOL), trying to plan out outfits for our seven family members for my sister's upcoming wedding, several work deadlines, trying to keep up on mountains of laundry, reading at my kids' school, corresponding with so many people I just can't keep up (I am averaging 500 new e-mails a day in one of three e-mail inboxes) and I am just totally burned out at the moment.

And as soon as one task is done and I think I can breath, I realize another pressing one needs to be taken care of immediately. The next few days - or weeks for that matter - are looking like much of the same. Tomorrow 3 kids have bowling league, 1 has theatre class, two have an area science fair, two have Cub scout dinner. Have to figure out how to get to as many of those things as possible. Think bowling might have to get crossed off the list. And then Sunday is covering a work event. Monday is a big program I'm helping coordinate for the historical society, Tues, a meeting and being guest speaker at an event, Wed I am a "celebrity" reader for a family reading night, kids activities Thurs, meeting on Fri, work event Sat., big community event Sunday...and it just goes on and on. It's all stuff that I love to do...that's why I just can't say no to any of it. Looking ahead at next month, every day has at least one entry scribbled on the calendar. Some are so full that the writing spills over into the next day. But, I do like to be busy and I am grateful that I have good health and the ability to be busy.

Ok, break time is over. Back to work. :)

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