Sunday, February 27, 2011

I made the producer cry

Today I did something I've only done one other time in my life. And I wasn't successful the first time, so I gave up.

Today I went to an audition. It's for a production to take place in May at the Valparaiso Opera House called "Listen To Your Mother." The production debuted last year in Madison, Wisconsin and this year will expand to several other U.S. cities. It's local mom writers reading about motherhood.

I figured I'd give it a try and went to a casual audition this afternoon in the corner of a coffee house. I know I didn't give much of a "performance." I simply read something I wrote off paper while seated at a table with the mom who is producing it. Although I felt like I was talking too fast and not making eye contact enough since I was looking down reading off the paper, I glanced up at the end of the audition to see the producer crying. I guess that's a good thing knowing that the sentiment still got through.

I'll find out later in the week if I made the cut. At first I thought I'd just keep it quiet and not tell anyone I auditioned. Then if I made it, I could boast, but if I didn't no one ever had to know that I tried out and didn't make it. Then I realized that there's no failure in not being selected, but rather in not trying at all.

My only other audition experience was sophomore year of high school when I tried out for contest play. I don't know why I didn't try out instead for the fall or spring plays where there were many more roles available and it wasn't for a serious competition. I was up against the resident drama queens who had been in every production the department had ever put on. And our school was known for placing high in such contests. It wasn't likely they'd throw a newbie in there.

So, whether or not I make in on the stage in May, I should be proud of the fact that I tiptoed out of my comfort zone to attempt something I never thought I'd try again. And I made someone cry in the a good way.

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