Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's that time of year again

The past few weeks have been exhausting ones and the next few will be more of the same. We’re at a point in the year where nearly every day on the calendar is marked with at least one baseball practice or a game. Three boys are playing baseball so far and one more with a season yet to start.
I love the game of baseball and love when the boys have fun playing, but there are days when there are three games/practices on the same day at the same time at three different locations that just make me want to climb in bed, hide under the covers and not come out until the next morning. I’ve even been guilty of doing a rain dance hoping that we get the showers than have been forecast by the weather guy so I can get a break. What a bad Mom I am!
Last week there were the opening games after a couple previous rainouts. It’s always quite entertaining to watch those first games with little guys going up to bat with helmets that are bigger than they are, unimpressed outfielders gazing up at the sky while a ball rolls by them, base runners not quite sure what to do. It’s so fun to watch. It’s also amazing watching those few players on the team who are naturals – pulling a double play that looks effortless and throwing strikes with such intensity.
Well, only about eight more weeks of the season to go! Play ball!

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