Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Never a dull moment

Moms sure do live exciting lives. Not glamorous, luxurious rock star lives, but not dull by any means. There's always some action. And when it's quiet, you know it's that calm before the storm and you're just waiting for something to happen.

Tonight, before doing dishes, I instructed my nine-year old to vacuum the living room. Next thing I know, there's loud sobbing coming from the living room and I run to see who has gotten hurt. I'm thinking something has fallen on someone or a body part has been sucked into the vacuum. Turned out my 7 year-old lost his first tooth, which happen to fall out onto the floor as my older son was vacuuming. He was sure it was gone for good and that he wouldn't be able to tuck it under his pillow. (Translation: no tooth = no money from the tooth fairy.)

While I tried to reassure him that she'd be understanding and we'd write a note explaining what happened, he rambled on about how it fell out right in front of the sofa. As he was pointing to the spot where it fell, he noticed a small white piece among the carpeting. His tooth has managed to escape being sucked into the vacuum filter. Suddenly all was good again. A big smile came across his face, with a big empty space on the bottom left.

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